Getting Locked in the Friend Zone Friendship

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    I have a friend who insists on being "friends first" with each woman that he meets, but the down side is that his strategy always lands him in the permanent friend zone. I tried explaining to him that if you don't show at least a romantic non-intimate interest in a woman she will soon think of you as an extended family member thus landing you in the dreaded "Friend Zone." It?s rare that a friend zone mate is flipped to a lover. It almost like incest at some point.

    Your thoughts on getting locked in the friend zone...
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    The 3-month rule will put a woman in the friend zone in about 90 days
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    I've had the same problem, myself. I guess its because, when that happens, I feel like someone's so interesting to me that I'd rather be a friend than not know her at all.
    Anyway, It does feel kind of "icky" to be with someone you've been friends with for too long. lol