How to spot a fake profile? Comments and Suggestions

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    I received an email from a “featured” member but could not see him in my “Viewed Me” list.  Does this mean that it’s a fake profile?  I just find it strange that someone would take the time to email me but not view me.  Something just does not seem right. 


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    I have encountered fake profiles on other sites. Don't ignore that little voice inside your head! Here are some clues: Take a good look at the picture. The picture looks fake, like it's from an advertisement. Another thing...servicemen...they will say they are stationed somewhere (but won't tell you where) so you can't meet them. Then they will make appointments and not show up because they got 'called back to duty'. The first email is conversational and cohesive. The ones that follow will be "we are soul mates" "we belong together". Then the language changes...becomes very grammatically incorrect (which he will say is due to being born in another country) and is 'cut and pasted' from previous emails. He will ask for your personal email or phone number. Usually they have one child that is in a boarding school abroad.


    Fortunately, I have good 'scam antennae' and I checked them both at the door (especially after doing some research because I felt something was 'off'). It's a shame it happens but you have to go through a bunch of frogs before you find the prince!



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    If it just happened once then its that person may of just have his settings on his account to be hidden and I wouldnt worry about it but if it continues to happen then that may be a red flag

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    He's set his privacy setting to not allow his profile to be seen in "who's viewed me".

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    Please post when you discover the answer. If I were in your position I'd call customer service.