How do you feel about being their first?? Romance

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    I tend to get approached alot by men who have never been with a black woman before. The thing is I dont know how seriously to take them. Are they approaching me just because they want to experience a black girl like i'm some kind of experiment or are they genuinely attracted to me for me.

    My question to you is do you feel comfortable being someones first experience outside of their race??What do you think when someone says to you "i've never been with a (enter your race) before but I've always wanted to....Would you still take them seriously as a potential mate. (I personally think they just want sex when they say that.) Or do you feel more comfortable with people that are experienced interracial daters. .
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    It is a turn off unless he's an innocent. What I mean by that is that he legitimately has not dated anyone my ethnic group and he genuinely likes me. If he's otherwise a gentleman I don't let it bother me. I do not wish to be the object of someone's fettish.

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    I've always been turned off when a white guy has told me he's never been with a black woman-no matter how good looking he is it's always been a major deal breaker for me.
    *I love the ones who have "been there & done that & cant get enough!" Those are the one's I feel are not "experimenting" and know exactly what they want, go for it & show the world.