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  • Veejay33 ( 35 / W / Orlando, FL )

    Farmers market, festivals, fine dining, exhibits, anywhere we can get a chance to truly "see" one another and converse

  • Jordanjellis23 ( 38 / M / Madison, MS )

    Im a city/country boy so I would probably pad my tailgate full of Blankets, comforters, pillows .. Pick you up .. Oh and before hand I would ask you your favorite food and either cook it or lick it up throw IT in a picni...  read more >>

  • Danielle663 ( 38 / W / Hyattsville, MD )

    My first date ideas something simple talk get to know one another maybe go for a movie or something or lunch

  • HeavenlyFunOne ( 60 / W / Wilmington, DE )

    We can get to know each other by taking in a museum exhibit, a night of painting , hiking or almost anything except a movie or a concert .

  • Dekinddakind ( 44 / W / Kahuku, HI )

    A meet and greet would be nice with a drink could be coffee could be a cocktail...

  • Sailor8888 ( 38 / M / Northwood, England - London )

    Walking...drinking something...enjoying the sunset...or the sunshine ;)

  • JuiceJuiceJuice ( 55 / W / Alpine, NJ )

    A walk in the park, Broadway show, then dinner. All done in NYC! What better place to began a great adventure!

  • Abenat ( 41 / M / Schenectady, NY )

    I would love to go to a poetry recital and recite my own personal piece, eat some exotic food, go and see some art by local residents, go to the most beautiful parks and just breath fresh air.

  • Daianethebest ( 32 / W / Netherlands )

    I would love something special I like to be surprised I love to eat and cooking is one off my hobbies

  • Jebre1440 ( 34 / M / Columbus, GA )

    My first did will be to challenge a female to something she never done before.

  • jahanoor ( 25 / M / India )

    no dating untill we know each other nicely after knowing each other lets go for white water river rafting ....

  • SUGACOOKIE92 ( 46 / W / Norfolk, VA )

    A walk on the beach or in the park. Grab some lunch and just enjoy each other's company.

  • pja002 ( 28 / M / Tuscaloosa, AL )

    first date?...well I love to eat!

  • edenbarbie ( 24 / W / Jamaica )

    One the beach in the night with each other looking at the beAutiful sky.

  • BeautyLoveXx3 ( 22 / W / Staten Island, NY )

    I Love Trying New Things If I Like It I'll Do It Again If I don't I Wouldn't.. But Every Date Has To Have Something To Do With Food.. No Matter What We Do We Have To Get Food Before Or After And I'll Be Happy I Love Food