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  • teddykev72 ( 46 / M / Fords, NJ )

    Candlelight, hand in hand stroll,dinner (out or I would love to make dinner for you-dessert inc.) Concert, or Stand up comedy club,cocktails and moonlight, moonrise barefoot stroll on the beach, or anything else that you...  read more >>

  • Quazar1922 ( 44 / W / Tampa, FL )

    Nothing too fancy. A bar and just hanging out. Trying to learn how to fish....Any experts out thwre?

  • McElla ( 23 / W / South Africa )

    A first date can't always be can't obvious and doesn't always go accordingly. It could be an action movie at the cinema or even watching pretty woman on your couch... Lol.... But I'd like a very memorable first date

  • Jazzi_p ( 27 / W / Danville, VA )

    I don't want a normal first date dinner and movie. Let's go to an arcade or bowling alley or maybe even ice skating.

  • HoneyNebula ( 26 / W / Enfield, England - London )

    Surprise me? Something fun? Be creative

  • Luv2bebri ( 26 / W / Northridge, CA )

    Music, drinks, laughter and food

  • Lovetosing ( 20 / W / Watts, OK )

    I'm fine with going on a dinner date but I think that a live concert date would be awesome. We could spend the time headed to the concert talking and then at the concert we just let the songs affect us. In the end there...  read more >>

  • Caxybeka ( 28 / W / Pleasant Valley, NY )

    We go to a scenery and walk and talk. Go see a band play. Drinks and dinner. I cook you watch.

  • kemoycam09 ( 34 / W / Beaumont, TX )

    Maybe go to a restaurant first and talk get to know each other. Maybe a stroll somewhere romantic.

  • Jeffscott ( 26 / M / Flourtown, PA )

    I love shows. I love making music. Come over and inspire me

  • Lena1983 ( 38 / W / Mendon, MI )

    No sex on the first date. I'm not into that

  • Branks ( 41 / W / Jamaica )

    My first date would be a nice dinner at the beach or close enough. Listening to live music laughing and chatting

  • Sidrajane ( 38 / W / Adamsville, AL )

    Very caring and lovely guy but he is always dating another someone with me

  • Jamaicancubana ( 23 / W / West Hempstead, NY )

    Go out to dinner and a concert or comedy show I love to laugh and I love love love music

  • LocsLuthor ( 26 / M / Roper, NC )

    I like to go out to eat or catch a concert or a movie. I love going to comedy shows. I'd also like to cook for someone and maybe just talk and get to know each other.