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  • sailord ( 50 / W / New Cumberland, PA )

    get to know me in a quiet, peaceful environment

  • Kerona ( 23 / W / Jamaica )

    My first date idea would ba dinner at a lovely restaurant with great conversation.

  • alpharomeo46 ( 66 / M / Rockville, MD )

    The first date should always be in a quiet romantic setting where you can hear each other talk. I always avoid loud restaurants for such occasions to optimize time devoted to quiet conversation.

  • RollerRick ( 35 / M / Pasadena, MD )

    I'm a sucker for the classic Dinner and a movie date. I'm willing to go other places if the date wants, as long as I get to know her.

  • heartrob2017 ( 49 / M / London, England - London )

    My first date idea will be a dinner on a table for 2 at a live concert where we can be able to look into each others eyes and be glad we found each other, dance a bit of Salsa afterwards and return home to see a movie in...  read more >>

  • Vanceh ( 55 / M / London, England - London )

    Tea or coffee, chat then see where we go from there

  • AlmondQueen ( 47 / W / Tucson, AZ )

    Dinner and Dancing

  • DippedinGlitter ( 25 / W / Newark, NJ )

    Lets grab lunch or dinner and try a new restaurant, then after we do something fun like checkout an exhibit or go roller skating I'm honestly down for any adventure!

  • Caramell1977 ( 40 / W / Dundalk, MD )

    Candlelight, Soft Music, On the water talking and getting to know eachother better.

  • Rwalia ( 27 / M / Dublin, Dublin )

    Let's have a nice cup of coffee and have an interesting conversation!!

  • Ericam12 ( 21 / W / Baton Rouge, LA )

    We could take a walk in the park, go to the movies, have dinner, have coffee at Starbucks, go bowling, etc. There are a lot of interesting things that I'd be willing to do if the interest is mutual.

  • Ledi_theLioness ( 20 / W / Western Cape )

    I love talking so I would like my first date to be a good evening with dinner at a restaurant that has a beautiful view where we can admire the view and talk until we can't talk no more.

  • ameymariey ( 35 / W / Manchester, England - Greater Manchester )

    Would be nice to go somewhere quiet first mayb a nice meal chilled atmosphere get to know each other?? Then could go on to somewhere where we could hav a drink and maybe a little music in the background

  • Beautifu225 ( 48 / W / Riverside, CA )

    My first date would be somewhere romantic where we sit high in opening and watch the stars and have candles on our table where my eyes shine with the stars somebody who very romantic and passionate

  • Ric_vear ( 47 / M / Scarborough, ON )

    Go out for dinner and then maybe the movies after?