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  • kparks ( 26 / W / Columbus, OH )

    something creative nothing typical or boring. I like to be outside a lot. I like hopeless romantics

  • slimming94 ( 24 / W / Fort Myers, FL )

    Something like the beach or a nature trail. I HATE the

  • OliveTones15 ( 24 / W / Sioux Falls, SD )

    .. You never know how the first date may be!! Lets share interests first.

  • Curvatious8 ( 38 / W / Phoenix, AZ )

    I enjoy a man's man who just keep thangs Make Raw soak n wet...elaborate ...I can

  • BrownEyes788 ( 39 / M / Miami, FL )

    (Hope to find someone like this) The first time you glimpse at each other you are immediately drawn to each other, extremely different than ever recognizing anyone you have ever met before. You already know them, feel wh...  read more >>

  • KenWin ( 30 / W / Wilkes Barre, PA )

    Chill and relax. Nothing too much, good conversation. Hit the park for a stroll and get some decent food.

  • Yowlander ( 24 / W / South Africa )

    Should be beutiful,fun and romantic

  • Myzdiene ( 37 / W / Miami, FL )

    I can imagine a smooth, outgoing date to include going to the park and talking to one another. I don't drink much, so water and "light" wine will do just fine. I love relaxing so I don't mind a nice, chill first date.

  • Glamazon3 ( 25 / W / Columbus, GA )

    I usually suggest a movie on the first date but we can switch it up. Like I said earlier i'm into art so why jot go to a sip and paint class? If you don't know what that is, it is an art class where they teach you how to...  read more >>

  • KatlehoK ( 24 / W / South Africa )

    I'd like a chilled vibe ,perhaps some activity which will help engage into a conversation ,about each other & our goals

  • DynaMiek ( 38 / W / Manassas, VA )

    A clay modelling, candle making, bulb designing Art School. Each party gets time to interact, play, create and give each other gifts of what was made at the end. Lunch or dinner can follow after.

  • Erika_10 ( 26 / W / Snellville, GA )

    I prefer my first date be something where we can talk and know each other. I feel like the movies should be a second date kinda thing. ^_^

  • Alexxus20 ( 23 / W / Fresno, CA )

    I loke to be surprised :) im open to all new things

  • Fatima1223 ( 30 / W / West Haven, CT )

    Somewhere Quiet where we can sit down and communicate and get to know each other

  • Dkchoc1228 ( 56 / W / Hopkins, MN )

    Talking and sharing your dreams and aspirations.