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  • westdelrio ( 50 / W / Salt Lake City, UT )

    I'd love to meet someone in a beautiful setting, the mountains, a park (safer?), near a river, and play a board game or two. I love board games!

  • mxATC520 ( 31 / W / White Plains, MD )

    I am a pretty simple girl, so I can do dinner and movie or a sporting event and dinner. I love going to a sports bar watching games and having a good meal and then goofing around the rest of the night.

  • mzdymond ( 35 / W / Hampton, VA )

    Dinner and something competitive like bowling or laser tag. Anything where we can talk and get to know each other

  • Pudding126 ( 33 / W / Canton, GA )

    My first ideal date would be to do something competitive like bowling, putt putt, or the shooting range just to loosen up, then have a nice quiet dinner and sit down and get to know each other.

  • UrPrinceCharming ( 33 / M / Chicago, IL )

    Maybe we can go someplace simple without alot of distractions.

  • raisslim ( 45 / W / Jersey City, NJ )

    My ideal first date would be a nice brunch followed by a game of pool or bowling. I love sports so this would give us a chance to play and chat.

  • Twan1112 ( 32 / M / Hollywood, FL )

    Something fun and outside the box .. Something active .. First dates should be fun

  • creativewoman ( 39 / W / London, Hamburg )

    A day on the court playing badminton or tennis.

  • dannygirl229 ( 38 / W / Atlanta, GA )

    My first date would be more casual. I would like to go bowling or to a game room like Dave and Buster's. I think you can get to know each other a lot better that way. Then maybe go sit at a bar or lounge afterwards.

  • nigel64 ( 54 / M / Cleveland, OH )

    My first date will be meeting at comedy event , jazzy restaurant or coffee shop .

  • clpage86 ( 31 / W / Leander, TX )

    First date, honestly I wouldn't't want to do the whole movie and dinner thing for a first date. I am more into something that will bring out the playful and fun side. Something like bowling or Dave and busters or main ev...  read more >>

  • mela0289 ( 29 / W / Abilene, TX )

    Playing putt-putt or going to the batting cages. Then dinner and a movie at the drive in.

  • K_Love12 ( 23 / W / Hyattsville, MD )

    Love to just go somewhere where it's all about fun . I'm the type to be goofy and laugh 24/7 and I need someone who wants the same .

  • DivaStorm ( 35 / W / North Little Rock, AR )

    I love playing pool and bowling. So my ideal first date would be at a Pub or Bowling Alley.

  • FreeAgentInTexas ( 37 / W / Fort Worth, TX )

    A first meeting is not to be mistaken for a first date. A first meeting is required to establish there is an initial mutual physical attraction before proceeding to make plans for an actual date.