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  • bmwhite6422 ( 27 / W / Leesburg, AL )

    Take the lead and be spontaneous. show me that you can be versatile and there will never be a dull moment with you.

  • COOLBRE4700 ( 49 / M / Oak Park, IL )


  • Joseph196 ( 38 / M / South Africa )

    Just meet for a first good date and make the special lady happy on the first date and foever

  • Legz42 ( 35 / W / Lansing, IL )

    Picnic or something different than movie and dinner

  • MeAzEyeAm ( 30 / W / Washington, DC )

    Surprise me because I'm pretty down to earth....HOWEVER I WOULD LOVE LOVE LOVE A FIRST DATE TO SEE MY DALLAS COWBOYS PLAY AT AT&T STADIUM, that would be GREAT! I haven't had a chance to go there and see them play as of y...  read more >>

  • advent_indie29 ( 31 / W / Newark, NJ )

    First date ideas would include maybe like a paint and wine tasting or a nice dinner somewhere clean!! Maybe a show or like a basketball game I also am very into sports!!

  • jamaicag31 ( 34 / W / Charlotte, NC )

    Really does not matter to me, im easy to please, im not materialistic, im a fun loving woman with no limits!

  • dangelo09 ( 38 / M / Phoenix, AZ )

    My first date was intresting simply because it was the first date but am looking forward to meet somebody new cause my first date left me for another man

  • Frankcotton30 ( 31 / M / Houston, TX )

    Drinks might shoot pool then take a walk on the beach

  • NikkiLuv_9974 ( 43 / W / Boydton, VA )

    Movie and dinner or a game/ live or sports bar

  • MsBalleriffic34 ( 24 / W / Monroe, LA )

    First date would probably be going jet skiing on a lake or.something like that

  • milli14 ( 26 / M / Newcastle upon Tyne, England - Tyne and Wear )

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  • Smilewithme12 ( 35 / W / Rockville, MD )

    You can never go wrong with a first date at a sporting event. It's fun and you're most likely to be yourself.

  • Wannajoinus ( 33 / C / Long Beach, CA )

    A trip to the bowling alley and maybe grab a few drinks. Then head back to our place for home cooked dinner and let the night take us where we need to go...

  • Kima1985 ( 32 / W / Chicago, IL )

    I would love to go to a Bulls game j/k lol... Bowling or out for dinner..