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  • olivia4you ( 51 / W / Carol Stream, IL )

    we will have a romantic dinner at the olive garden or red lobster and talk to get to know each other then catch a movie or go to a museum and have a great time getting to know each other

  • ebonyeyezz66 ( 51 / W / Houston, TX )

    After an initial meet & greet. I think an ideal date is one of service. Going to the local food pantry, helping fill food orders, or feeding the homeless. I'd like to think we could learn a lot about each other and how c...  read more >>

  • LadyBon ( 27 / W / Johannesburg, Gauteng )

    anything that you think can be unforgettable....for both of us

  • sacha_g ( 20 / W / Nelspruit, Mpumalanga )

    Somewhere deep within nature...

  • Silence69 ( 47 / W / Indianapolis, IN )

    Lets get out the map, find that area, do a random town pick and explore it together. We could hit their local street fair, wander through that nostalgia, talk to the locals, find the best little diner, and enjoy the &quo...  read more >>

  • doc6133 ( 55 / M / Chiloquin, OR )

    How ridiculous! A first date is a feeling out process where you decide whether or not you are compatible enough to even consider going out again. In my opinion, a first date should be as pure as possible. Best dress and...  read more >>

  • Alex959 ( 58 / M / Columbia, SC )

    I always believe a first date should be on the lighter side. Low pressure, coffee or light meal in a place that gives both of you a chance to learn about each other in a peaceful environment. Then, if things go well, do...  read more >>

  • Iceflower ( 33 / W / Kew Gardens, NY )

    Something different! Not the usual dinner date. Jetski on the Hudson, Rollerblading across the Brooklyn bridge, taking a boat tour....whatever ,anything outdoorsie where you can still talk and get to know one another, bu...  read more >>

  • KLM2269 ( 43 / M / New York, NY )


  • kiiimm ( 21 / W / Kingston, Saint Andrew )

    Okay i always picture my dates as romantic like a candle light dinner in a secluded area BUT knowing my clumsy ass the table would probably be on fire 5 minutes into the "romantic candle light dinner" so i'm ch...  read more >>

  • Destiny02 ( 21 / W / Beaumont, TX )

    For me, that would be taking a walk anywhere and just getting lost in conversation and forgetting what time it is and when you realize the time you would not want to leave. or something simple like talking and gazing at...  read more >>

  • ANH1982 ( 35 / W / Lewisville, TX )

    My ideal first date would be anything where we are able to have a conversation and really get to know each other. That could be a restaurant, a park, indoor rock climbing (just getting into it, lol), a bowling alley, etc...  read more >>

  • Rachel207 ( 31 / W / Johannesburg, Gauteng )

    How about we go out for a picnic or movie then finish off with some drinks at an interracial bar.

  • Angie10 ( 27 / W / Nairobi, Nairobi Area )

    What about true connection?what about destinyy?what about our likes and dislikes?If i am meant for you and you are meant for me this first date will feel right. Allow yourself to feel and you will never mislead your hear...  read more >>

  • Tess11 ( 25 / W / Philadelphia, MS )

    Fun, romantic, nice n relaxing,