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  • btheriot ( 40 / M / Taylor, MI )

    I would like to do something sports related bowling or something Like that and maybe dinner after that

  • JIP229 ( 34 / M / Dania, FL )

    Mini golf something that we can be active and talkative

  • Agua227 ( 38 / M / Detroit, MI )

    something that will allow us to relax and get to know each other a little better on any level of discussion.

  • keevia ( 27 / W / Moreno Valley, CA )

    I preffer for it to be somewhere full of fun. Me myself I love an arcade or a good game of laser tag will do me just but I'm down for anything.

  • whocolate ( 31 / M / Houston, TX )

    Gonna wing it, so I have no idea. Depends on your vibe.

  • Dollface__95 ( 23 / W / Carbondale, IL )

    Pure perfection. Just fun soewhere i can relax and enjoy our time togetjer

  • Dollface__94 ( 24 / W / Olaton, KY )

    Pure perfection. Ps dont get any funny ideas about after the date because its not going to happen im surely not that type of chick.

  • Cocobaby201 ( 26 / W / Jersey City, NJ )

    The arcade takes pressure off of a date. It's a fun way to get to know your date.

  • auggie314 ( 40 / M / Saint Louis, MO )

    I would like to go to a pool hall after s nice dinner. Have a few drinks and get to know eachother

  • JohnT0329 ( 24 / M / Mena, AR )

    A dinner movie walking dancing having fun swimming fishing hiking camping or what ever she wants to do watching the stars stroll in the park stay at home order pizza watch movies

  • raclima ( 40 / M / Lumberton, NJ )

    I love bowling, I am not a great bowler kind of mediocre but I enjoy it nonetheless.

  • CoolCat24 ( 29 / M / Marietta, GA )

    First I would be on time of coarse, then we will play a little golf. After that we would get something to eat then go see a movie if things are clicking. Something simple and fun.

  • NinaLibra ( 32 / W / Philadelphia, PA )

    I want to be able to talk to the person when I first meet them, so no movies, or anywhere with loud music. Bowling, ice skating, or a fun restaurant would be perfect.

  • Himasaad ( 39 / M / China )

    My first date ideas in October 2012, that day I sow her

  • BigDaddyJeffD ( 40 / M / Lawrenceville, GA )

    A very quiet place to talk more and get to know things about each other that we don't know already .