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  • teramarie73 ( 45 / W / Ellisville, MS )

    Nice resterant where we can talk.

  • redpill42 ( 40 / M / Lake Worth, FL )


  • Austen ( 48 / W / Nashville, TN )

    I think it would be fun learning to cook a meal together.

  • krissi89 ( 28 / W / Youngstown, OH )

    My first date idea would be to go on a picnic. We would both bring our favorite dish to ahare qith one another. We can spend the remainder of our awesome date hiking/walking and talking to fet to know one another.

  • cuddlycolt12 ( 55 / W / Indianapolis, IN )

    football game, shooting guns, art museum, car show, live music, quiet dinner, long walk, just surprise me. love surprises and i love surprising u :)

  • James37PA ( 41 / M / Wilmington, DE )

    Drinks and adventurous food at someplace neither of us have been before!

  • Lypstyckmami ( 40 / W / Lansing, MI )

    I would love to go eat at a nice laid back place nothing too fancy or even make dinner together while getting to know each other . A glass a wine in the deck watching the sunset would be perfect.

  • Kamren369 ( 42 / M / Weldon, NC )

    It would be kings Domion or a ride on my bike.maybe just a basic same old same dinner an drinks lol

  • Potatochips ( 49 / M / Pompano Beach, FL )

    A relaxed but fun venue always makes breaking the ice easier. Love the ocean!! Outside cafe, great food and music. Its not a job interview,just to warm hearts enjoying each others company..

  • Terri225 ( 58 / M / Xenia, OH )

    .I enjoy a wide range of activities from your stereotypical walk on the beach to something more offbeat like painting in the park. Generally I consider myself to be very open to new experiences and will try almost anythi...  read more >>

  • Peony375 ( 42 / W / Brooklyn, NY )

    A walk in Central Park, a ride in the Times Square Toy R Us Ferris Wheel, and dinner somewhere I've never been.

  • knndi2000 ( 43 / W / Killeen, TX )

    I love to experiment with different dishes so the perfect first date would probably be something involving food by candle light

  • Hotchocolathoney ( 40 / W / Detroit, MI )

    1.Dining 2.Shopping 3.Traveling In this exact order Baby ... And if you can do this all in one day then your the man for me.. Princess...

  • cowboybabe ( 43 / W / Atlanta, GA )

    I my idea of my first date is meeting at a coffee house, nice picnic, or something with a quite atmosphere. I want something that is more one on one for the first date.

  • CityMinx ( 40 / W / Chicago, IL )

    My ideal first date is doing something that completely breaks the ice and we would both have to be pretty adventurous to appreciate it. love pop-up restaurants/bars operated by experts who know what they're doing, so I'd...  read more >>