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  • mskeiia ( 26 / W / Montgomery, AL )

    Lets go to a art show.! Maybe catch some dinner or a movie.. I'm not very big on dating but I'll try it.

  • andwanis20 ( 36 / W / Lexington, KY )

    I love someone that is romantic and creative.

  • rataylor ( 31 / M / Stone Mountain, GA )

    Dinner date a talk I was always thought gucci comes to the waiting I got that from internet shopping

  • Kervins ( 29 / M / Los Angeles, CA )

    Something relatively closed to arts and crafty, or sports. I'm open to other suggestions.

  • blkstyles1 ( 41 / M / Castroville, TX )

    First dates are always fun. I'm cool with doing the typical movie and dinner thing.... But I would much rather do something like go to a cooking class or painting or something else outside of the box...

  • queen454 ( 52 / W / Quincy, IL )

    meet at a nice restaurant and have a nice conversation until.

  • delgriffin ( 50 / M / Elizabeth City, NC )

    My first date would be at a museum or art gallery. Having a date at one of these places would really expose our inner creativity and give us a chance to connect on a different level.

  • datboythere ( 38 / M / Los Angeles, CA )

    Something we can interact like going to a cooking class or hitting a art gallery. Something we can chat but also have fun while doing it.

  • afrodisiac711 ( 26 / W / Newport News, VA )

    I would like to do something I have never done, What would that be ask me ? I love being goofy and wild so anything that makes you feel like a kid again is great.

  • LoveGodLovePpl ( 27 / M / Johannesburg, Gauteng )

    Maboneng Precinct/ Arts on Main Located innercity Joburg CBD Its a really hip place to hang very chilled & intimate Good food, Good Art, Good Music(on occassion of live performances) Cool people

  • iWantTheReal ( 32 / M / Saint Louis, MO )

    Different. I don't want the usual. But food is always good on a first date though.

  • Jujubeads2011 ( 31 / W / Dallas, TX )

    The arboretum...nice serene place where me and you can really talk without distractions

  • PinkPowaRanger ( 25 / W / West Monroe, LA )

    Maybe movies? Or something creative! Like something different! :)

  • addykatz ( 41 / W / St. John's )

    just being exposed to different cultures is stimulating. If you can capture my mind then you're more than half way there

  • Lifeblaze ( 54 / M / Grand Rapids, MI )

    Our first date will be a long walk, crazy yet informative conversation; a delicious meal, visiting an art gallery then creating something cool and artsy.