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  • AlphaJack ( 33 / M / Bentonville, AR )

    Singles, couples, and groups can rent camp grounds, rafts, canoes, or kayaks. They allow alcohol on the river, as long as it's in a can. No bottles. If you own a kayak, it's best to put in at the local boat ramp, on the...  read more >>

  • HiItIsMe ( 40 / W / Ridgeland, MS )

    Doing an original activity and chatting. No loud places so we can get to know one another.

  • Evalucios ( 28 / W / Gauteng )

    Site seeing taking long walks or we can just sweat at the gym after which we'll grab something to eat and drink and chat well that's just me Am an explorer so if you got a better idea am game

  • Inked_IrishmanKC ( 32 / M / Independence, MO )

    I have a creative imagination and most certainly will be lots of fun!

  • Chelle_x ( 23 / W / London, England - London )

    I know it’s pretty basic but my fun date would be going out for lunch and exploring the area, going for a walk...a nice park..even a picnic would be lovely! Just something that means we actually have to interact and ta...  read more >>

  • Whisper51362 ( 55 / W / Jacksonville, FL )

    Basketball, Pool or Bowling

  • JustLLL ( 37 / W / Gauteng )

    Long drives and walks.

  • catstuxedo ( 52 / M / New York, NY )

    A boat ride around the island of manhattan complete with booze and nosh

  • surfing_burro ( 34 / M / Columbia, SC )

    Ever tried surfing??

  • usafjay ( 51 / M / Newark, NJ )

    First date should be special is the first impression that tells who one is, it should start with bouquet of flowers of course a walk and a stop at a cafe a nice conversation about each other and then maybe a movie a thri...  read more >>

  • Devi27616 ( 52 / W / Raleigh, NC )

    Finding a nice spot to put a blanket down or hit the Art museums.

  • leggsfordays ( 57 / W / Monterey, CA )

    I yearn for old school dating where we meet naturally, exchange numbers, and go from there. Now that things have changed so dramatically, I can only hope that a date will be a great first meeting with discussions that ar...  read more >>

  • Jak1990 ( 28 / W / Burlington, ON )

    Take a stroll if the weather permits and share snacks.

  • MissVi ( 55 / W / Fayetteville, NC )

    We could meet for a little while to talk and see if there might be an ember of chemistry

  • ONMYOWN49 ( 50 / W / Fort Worth, TX )

    I can be very shy when meeting new people, so I think a first date should consist of an activity like bowling or putt putt golf