First Date Ideas

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  • LaughBuddy ( 47 / W / Whitby, England - Yorkshire )

    Dinner and a movie is just too typical. I detest being in interview mode. I believe in chemistry; if it's there, it's there...if it's not...then let's laugh, finish the date and call it a day, and no hard feelings.

  • Modern_Siren ( 45 / W / Houston, TX )

    It depends on our vibe. We can go to a sporting event, a museum, a sports bar, a lake, on a trip, or meet for coffee...I'm ADVENTUROUS...

  • producer6 ( 64 / M / Chapel Hill, NC )

    FIRST...let's just talk,and communicate...put our cards on the table....let's see if we are there a real attraction....

  • Lalindu ( 31 / M / Auckland )

    Quit place

  • LeeLeeP ( 43 / W / Catskill, NY )

    Something very low key is how I'd like to start out. Could be a casual lunch or a walk in a park, just something that lets us talk and get to know each other better. We can take it from there.

  • Arie_goddess1 ( 19 / W / Pascagoula, MS )

    I dont really have an ideal first date. I would be happy with anything.

  • amiles4206 ( 22 / W / Fort Worth, TX )

    No movies. I want to be able to talk and laugh on a first date

  • teejay12 ( 18 / W / Melbourne, Queensland )

    Something outdoorsy, high adrenaline, fun, getting dirty

  • sweet1248 ( 21 / W / Bakersfield, CA )

    Something that builds a fun meaningful bond

  • pennyblossom ( 47 / W / Willoughby, OH )

    I really can't describe what kind of first date I would want, I have never really had a normal first date, so I would not know what one would actually be like. I would leave it up to the man to make the plans for the fir...  read more>>

  • LovePureAlways01 ( 24 / W / Hollywood, FL )

    Walking along the waters getting to know one another. Lunch or Dinner and Basketball. I like to still think I got moves :)

  • Linda321 ( 40 / W / Etobicoke, ON )

    Live music or cycling.

  • Ramo_Dan ( 23 / M / portmore, Saint Catherine )

    Lets suggest together.

  • Southernbelle3 ( 38 / W / Antioch, TN )

    My ideal first date is for sure dinner. Depending on the season. A nice walk by the river or downtown. Concert in the park. Or just any place to be able to truly talk and get to know one another.

  • NerdDad00 ( 49 / M / Roswell, GA )

    I like a first date to be something where we both feel comfortable, where there isn't loud music or a crowded bar to talk over voices, and it can be the two of us for a daytime lunch. This way we can talk freely and if t...  read more>>