First Date Ideas

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  • Aibell ( 25 / W / Union, NJ )

    Already a friend, now wishing to pursue more I say it should be something with meaning to gradually break the lines of friendship and romance. Something intimate, like a private get together with just the two of us. Food...  read more>>

  • fifi0131 ( 32 / W / Lake Worth, FL )

    Anything that is new...

  • UnequivocallyMe ( 55 / W / Fort Lauderdale, FL )

    I am a BF attracted to WM. Most white guys are not interested in black women and it saddens me. I would love for a good looking guy who is into us chocolate beauties, not just for our physique, but moreover because he ho...  read more>>

  • Harvest73 ( 43 / W / Dorchester, MA )

    I think the best way to get to know someone is to complete a task or a project with them. Whether it be gong to Ikea and assembling some furniture, or fixing a leaky faucet, or building something from found wood. I think...  read more>>

  • lovett_A ( 25 / W / Lagos, Lagos )

    How do I describe fun! I want my first date to be fun

  • Tricia0413 ( 38 / W / Sault Ste. Marie, ON )

    A setting where we can talk and discover each other.

  • misper ( 32 / W / portharcourt, Rivers )

    Natural environment and taking a long walk on the beach

  • DyamondBeauty ( 34 / W / Greensboro, NC )

    It really doesn't matter as long as we enjoy ourselves.

  • ZeeBaby32 ( 32 / W / Johannesburg )

    We can meet for lunch drinks or dinner in a nice quiet place and get to know each other

  • ladyfl24 ( 24 / W / Jacksonville, FL )

    something fun

  • jennyftb ( 45 / W / Royersford, PA )

    Surprise me

  • LaughBuddy ( 47 / W / Whitby, England - Yorkshire )

    Dinner and a movie is just too typical. I detest being in interview mode. I believe in chemistry; if it's there, it's there...if it's not...then let's laugh, finish the date and call it a day, and no hard feelings.

  • producer6 ( 64 / M / Chapel Hill, NC )

    FIRST...let's just talk,and communicate...put our cards on the table....let's see if we are there a real attraction....

  • Lalindu ( 31 / M / Auckland )

    Quit place

  • LeeLeeP ( 43 / W / Catskill, NY )

    Something very low key is how I'd like to start out. Could be a casual lunch or a walk in a park, just something that lets us talk and get to know each other better. We can take it from there.