First Date Ideas

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  • DCD1990 ( 26 / M / Phoenixville, PA )

    I think my ideal first date would be doing arts and crafts or doing something fun and active like rock climbing, exploring a new area..followed by food/drinks at somewhere casual and fun.

  • Jeniece ( 36 / W / Buena Park, CA )

    Something we can have a good time doing and feel each other's energies out. See if we can have some good laughs about

  • renee_star913 ( 22 / W / Kansas City, KS )

    A nice date idea to me is when me and my date go and do crafts together and have fun and enjoy each other company.

  • Sweetman0 ( 54 / W / Seattle, WA )

    First date, we could try the paint the canvas or ceramic for fun and learn each other.....

  • Peaceful_Beauty ( 24 / W / Kennesaw, GA )

    Let's go to a BYOB painting class together. We can see each other's creative side and get to know one another without the awkwardness of complete seclusion!

  • Moloveindfw ( 45 / W / Dallas, TX )

    I'd like to see your creative side and it will allow for conversation without awkward silence since others will be there.

  • Queen_Ebony91 ( 26 / W / Syracuse, NY )

    Our first date would probably be at a sip and paint art center. That way we could both unwind with a little wine, talk and express ourselves through art.

  • Meme00 ( 34 / W / London, England - London )

    Enjoy a relaxing date with coffee and painting ceramic cups or plates

  • Kakajohn ( 35 / M / Fairfax, VA )

    Hello I would like to ask for day.

  • HaitianQueen2000 ( 20 / W / Huntsville, AL )

    Art museum, or even an art festival. Going to make clay pots, or going to a rave. relax and catch a red box movie, Whatever interest my date!

  • Sucessdriven87 ( 29 / W / Columbia, MO )

    A place not where we could hear each other talk...getting to know each other...not really to picky as long as im enjoying where we at and with whom im with

  • Paisley57 ( 20 / W / Houston, TX )

    This should probably involve food or beverages. Adventure is welcome, movies are acceptable, I like candlelight dinners and long walks on the beach, short flights to Paris nothing much (or like chicken nuggets from wendy...  read more>>

  • Eyeiam ( 48 / W / Clinton, MD )

    Would love to do a Sop n Paint. This would give us both an opportunity to be social and at the same time have fun and be open.

  • HeavenlyVocals ( 31 / W / District Heights, MD )

    My ideal first date is somewhere with a close and intimate setting where we can get to know each other through conversation and creativity!

  • MsHunee ( 37 / W / Savannah, GA )

    The tried-and-tested ultimate key to my heart is not an expensive meal, or a bunch of flowers upon arrival. It's making me laugh. Laughing together is the absolute best thing can happen on a date -- so make that task inf...  read more>>