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Be the Best You Today! beautifulj... 33 03/02/2014
Be The Best You Today! beautifulj... 17 03/02/2014
Date like a Dude beautifulj... 122 03/01/2014
22 Signs He Really Loves You beautifulj... 232 03/01/2014
HOW TO BE IRRESISTIBLE TO MEN beautifulj... 271 03/01/2014
Is your chemistry meter broken? beautifulj... 40 03/01/2014
Find the right man online beautifulj... 238 03/01/2014
Be a truly beautiful woman! beautifulj... 116 03/01/2014
How to know if you have chemistry beautifulj... 101 03/01/2014
12 Rules for Being A Beautiful Human beautifulj... 31 03/01/2014
How to spot Mr. Wrong beautifulj... 82 03/01/2014
What is love? beautifulj... 20 03/01/2014
Is It Possible To Grow Love? RightWing... 75 02/01/2014
L-O-V-E: Love is bigger than you are! beautifulj... 34 01/26/2014
I am the one - you are the one beautifulj... 46 01/24/2014
Optimist vs. Pessimist beautifulj... 29 01/18/2014
Can guys be 100% honest and faithful? Especially ... XxChinkyEyes... 169 01/13/2014
Is Marriage Overrated? RightWing... 114 01/07/2014
Mr. Dream Boy... Sweethearted19... 80 11/25/2013
Do You Agree or Disagree... Sweethearted19... 154 10/19/2013
"I LOVE YOU" pretty words that ... Single_M... 105 10/19/2013
Lessons Learned in Life... Single_M... 97 09/29/2013
A friendly message for you... Sweethearted19... 143 09/16/2013
Not giving up! Miar... 200 09/15/2013
Between you and Me ItsMic... 191 08/15/2013
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