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for women only<> is it? monajasm... 220 06/14/2006
I am looking for a Handsome Blk Prince PrettyWoman20... 154 06/13/2006
TRUE LOVE monajasm... 259 06/12/2006
Looking for guys in or near Orlando pleasureprincip... 30 06/11/2006
Arizona Men SapphireGem... 6 06/05/2006
Where are the REAL men? Looking4... 337 06/04/2006
What if there's no chemistry?? emares... 373 06/03/2006
"On The Verge" - A Poem by Emaresse ... emares... 114 05/30/2006
"In You" A Poem by Emaresse emares... 202 05/21/2006
"Ignored and Abandoned" A Poem by ... emares... 305 05/20/2006
Can I have clarity on the meaning of penpal?? ... JUSTREALT... 80 05/18/2006
Ioshkar ola cuoregran... 78 05/16/2006
DC SBPM Nice Guy 4 SWPF mrozo... 42 05/07/2006
IndianM4WhiteFem sunnyk1... 74 04/16/2006
What makes you the special? lynn19... 230 04/09/2006
Is this Site For Real? SunKis... 565 03/30/2006
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Is bad sex a deal breaker for either sex?
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