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Re. Think on These Things monajasm... 47 06/27
The "N" Word, what is your take on ... Removed_CuteGuy4U20... 1,835 06/26
Black Woman Poem 4 All Y'all! Enjoy!!!!! Removed_CuteGuy4U20... 35 06/26
What is your View on the Wars in Iraq and ... Removed_CuteGuy4U20... 87 06/26
felt cheated?? monajasm... 259 06/25
Human Rights monajasm... 34 06/25
Family Like monajasm... 65 06/25
Stillbishop why is your profile so negative ... stillbish... 123 06/24
Web Cam FEVER monajasm... 192 06/21
What are y'alls Experiences with other Races ... Removed_CuteGuy4U20... 118 06/20
For Ebony Women to Answer Removed_CuteGuy4U20... 394 06/19
SINGLE PARENT CHILD monajasm... 224 06/19
Saying "i wanna be with you" monajasm... 250 06/18
If You're a Caramel Ebony Beauty Holl'er Here ... Removed_CuteGuy4U20... 75 06/15
for women only<> is it? monajasm... 218 06/14
I am looking for a Handsome Blk Prince PrettyWoman20... 153 06/13
TRUE LOVE monajasm... 259 06/12
Looking for guys in or near Orlando pleasureprincip... 28 06/11
Arizona Men SapphireGem... 6 06/05
Where are the REAL men? Looking4... 336 06/04
What if there's no chemistry?? emares... 372 06/03
"On The Verge" - A Poem by Emaresse ... emares... 113 05/30
"In You" A Poem by Emaresse emares... 202 05/21
"Ignored and Abandoned" A Poem by ... emares... 305 05/20
Can I have clarity on the meaning of penpal?? ... JUSTREALT... 80 05/18
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