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Finnish woman in London kaisaspark... 33 11/18
Finnisg woman in London kaisaspark... 8 11/18
Looking for African-American women in SC, NC ... littleboybl... Recommended 52 11/12
Today's Poll about First Date Achhilles0... 153 04/06
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IR Dating between BW and WM in red states. Arcticwolf20... 249 03/27
Let's just re-evaluate ourselves right now Aziza_K... 135 01/15
New York City micaela7... 136 01/07
First hunting trip..... Pfletch... 83 10/24
Simple Auri... 113 08/11
A Controversial Topic ~ Confederate Battle ... Europa20... 130 06/30
Results are hard to get here. Europa20... 690 06/16
Most embarrassing first date Europa20... 170 06/15
Is bad sex a deal breaker for either sex? Europa20... 321 06/14
venting Auri... 137 05/26
shetup if you don't agree Auri... 71 05/26
Stressed due to the personal information I ... Solarsyst... 152 05/24
First day as a full member Solarsyst... 227 05/23
Are Shirtless Pictures Tacky? RightWing... 271 04/12
let me make love to you coollaid47AO... 229 04/11
How to not settle for less in a realatiionship ... beautifulj... 170 03/11
The Whitehurst Blog - Politics, Racism, Food, ... stevewh19... 77 03/03
Intensity in intimacy Writer20... 154 02/16
Sunshine new to the site Sunshine4... 198 01/24
Lace Wedding kjoler spumpssa... 54 01/18
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Finnish woman in London
Looking for African-American women in SC, NC and GA
Finnisg woman in London

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Most embarrassing first date
Today's Poll about First Date
Are Shirtless Pictures Tacky?
Finnish woman in London
Finnisg woman in London
Looking for African-American women in SC, NC and GA
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