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How do you feel About PDA?

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OK OK..I am dragging up another old board. Sue me! This one was buried in the forums. But I had to. This is another board where the main gist gets lost intranslation / interpretation. When did the lines between SEX and AFFECTION get so blurry? Or am I just getting old? PDA..Public Display of Affection There are comments here all the way from "i don't like watching people get it on in public" to something i remember as "men and their ego..blah blah blah blah something". AFFECTION(key word here people) ..not know affection..think back..that sweet little thing that people show for each other that says "I really like you! I am happy you are here." A touch..a kiss..a quick snuggle..a not so quick snuggle..a gesture that lets the rest of the world around you know..this is my "person" ..she/he is with me and we like it that way. Or a gesture just for that other person that tells them you don't give a crap that the world is watching..this space is just for the 2 of you and the world can butt out. Of course there is a time and a place for everything..and different degrees of affection appropriate to be shown in those times and places..(necking in church..not so much!) Personally, I Love It(my reason leans more to 'this is our time and space and the world can butt out').I have met men who take it beyond what is tasteful, I have met men who cringe at the thought of it..and pretty much everything in between. I prefer being with someone who is comfortable with it. But if they aren't then I ask if it is because of the way they were raised(old stuffy bugger)or is he a player and he doesn't want to risk scaring away his next "mark" by making it obvious he is with someone. Someone said that men sometimes think a woman is a freak if she likes sad sad little person. We are all freaks just waiting to happen..PDA is not a prerequisite.Can be a nice warm up though.

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There's nothing I like more than holding my wife's hand in public, or putting my arm around her. When I walk in a room, I KNOW, beyond any doubt, that every guy there is wishing he was the one next to that fine woman, instead of me. She's mine, I'm hers, and I love letting the world know it!

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In China older men and women NEVER touch each other. Younger people mostly hold hands or kiss only in corners. I never kiss my boyfriend in public because I worry about making the Chinese people around me uncomfortable, but in the US it's ok. Deep kissing, though is weird in public, unless it's at night in bar.

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I love it , its really intimate and says thats she's mine in so many ways

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When I was a lot younger, I didn't like it. Like a lot of guys, it was something we weren't comfortable with. As I got older, it wasn't a problem for me. I enjoy it now.

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I have to agree with BarbieQ. Nothing warms my heart more than seeing seniors or special needs people holding hands, smiling at each other or even stealing a little kiss. It stirs the fire of hope that there is one out there for all of us!

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I find public displays of true affection beautiful. For instance: The other day, I was talking with a couple of co-workers and one said she was at the store and her eye was caught and memorized by an old couple (she said they must have been 85 or 90 years old) riding a two-seater tricycle. She said that she could have walked faster than they were riding but it was so beautiful. We all laughed but we all concurred that that must have been an amazingly beautiful sight. When driving to work and I see a couple pecking a kiss goodbye, I think to myself, now that's a healthy loving relationship and definitely the type of relationship I aspire to achieve. A lot of times, while driving home, I will see couples walking together holding hands. This sight also touches my heart and something to look forward to. Although public displays of lust would sicken and disgust me, public displays of true affection I find beautiful, healthy and grounding.

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