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Stressed due to the personal information I just uploaded

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Posted on May 24, 2015 at 11:02 AM Total posts: 2

I really wish there was some other way to verify age, name, photo, income, occupation ... not sure if other sites 

really charge $100.00 like says, but I don't like giving ANY information to and nameless/faceless entity.  


I did it to be as upfront and honest as possible.  I also realize that there will be men disguised as women, and women who will seek to exploit my hard work and life investment for quick financial gain.  


To these people I say this:  I don't care what photo you use, or promises of sex acts, I will not send one penny your way.  I will not buy plane tickets, or help bail family members out of jail.  I will not give you ANY useable personal information until we meet and are dating, and even then you will never get 100% until you say, 'I do'!  


I was there working at Silicon Graphics in the early 90's in Mountain View Ca when movies like Jurrasic Park were making SGI ( Silicon Graphics ) a house hold name.  I remember when there was no public internet and I was sittting at my desk working on some new software product called, 'Netscape'.  Back then, the internet was safe; as no one knew how to exploit it and turn it evil.  


I say these things because I am on to a lot of cons.   I don't use my personal e-mail to correspond, but a dummy account just to communicate with strangers.  I am not sending you money, checks, real D.O.B., or my real birth place or anything that can be used by someone to take from me what I have worked so hard to acheive.  


So if you are one of these types. move along.  No I will not text you.  No I will not respond to naked pictures or promisses  of sex acts ... sorry.  This black dude you are targeting is a little bit different than most of the marks you have played in the past ... no really.  


And for you real women who are looking for a MAN who knows what the hell is going on, and can provide and defend you, then I'm your man!  And if you are a woman who thinks what I have just said in that last line is corny and old fashion, you keep moving right along also... 

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Posted on Nov 12, 2016 at 02:28 PM Total posts: 7

The Internet can be used for Good or Evil. It is no different than a Telephone. You can call somebody for Business, Family, Friends or you can use your phone to Harass people. NEVER EVER SEND MONEY TO SOMEBODY THAT YOU DON'T KNOW..........Although I will verify that this is a good I have been a member off and on since 2005.  I will say........and I don't care if I am calling them out but......PLENTY OF FISH put Viruses in my Computer.......and I think did an Identity Theft on me with my Credit Card information. Also there are alot of people from places like AFRICA with fake profiles on here that will pretend to be from someplace close to you to try and trick you to send you personal info so they can put viruses and spyware in your computer as well. Ugggg the computer age.......a blessing and a curse.