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Got Jokes? Posted on Jun 23, 2009 at 10:30 AM
Got Jokes? Well, this is the third time trying this. The last two times, my blogs mysteriously disappeared after so many posts, which means the people running this site don't have the capacity(or expertise) to hold more than a certain number of actual blog posts on a single blog before the blog goes, POOF! A shame! But I'm a tenacious one! Have any good jokes, you know, the really funny ones that are in good taste(subject to interpretation). If so, you may post them here.
CHRISTMAS: A Christian Celebration Or Pagan Practice? Posted on Dec 16, 2007 at 02:20 PM
How, or when did Christmas originate? Does Christmas really celebrate the birthday of Christ? Was Jesus born on December 25th? Did the original apostles, who knew Jesus personally(according to scripture)and were taught by Him, celebrate His birthday on December 25th? Did they celebrate it at all? If Christmas is the chief of the Christian holidays, why do so many non-Christians observe it? Does anyone know? Why do people exchange presents with family members, friends, relatives at Christmas time? Was it because the wise men presented gifts to the Christ-child? Where did the world get Christmas?....from the Bible, or paganism? Most people have "assumed" a lot of things about Christmas that are not true. But let's quit "assuming" and get the facts! Over the next few days, I'm going to post some interesting and "exposing facts" on this Holiday called Christmas. Test yourself. How much do you know of the origin of the Christmas tree--of "Santa Claus"--of the mistletoe--of the holly wreath--of the custom of exchanging gifts? I don't generally author SEASONAL BLOGS, but I'm making an exception this time. Whether you like it or not, what are your thoughts on Christmas? case you were wondering, I AM NOT A JEHOVAS WITNESS. **LOL**
Are You Prejudiced? Posted on Oct 18, 2007 at 02:46 PM
Are you prejudiced? What an open and general question. Have you noticed that the word RACIST wasn't used, because it would suggest that you are wielding enough political power to reinforce viewpoints, dogmas and ideologies. I watched a segment of the documentary show, 20/20 a few months ago and the topic was: ARE YOU A RACIST? A group of sociologists and psychologists(and "race experts") had interviewed people at random before conducting a rather REVEALING(but not necessarily definitive)Racial/Gender Prejudice test. Anyway, the people, when asked if they had any particular biased for or against racial groups claimed to be, UNBIASED, OPEN MINDED, NON-RACIST, etc. However, during the test, the more stereotypes and biased tendencies were shown to them, the more biased and prejudiced many of the test takers became. For example, many African Americans who claimed to love their people were revealed to actually have a type of "hatred" for their own people(and therefore, themselves). can this be? Others(of different races) demonstrated an automatic preference for European Americans, African Americans or Asians and Latinos. How much of what we say, want or do is the result of deep-rooted PREJUDICES versus mere PREFERENCES? I would like to give you the URL to take the PREJUDICE TEST(online version), but the PTB would never allow this(but I have made a few attempts to post the URL, but it was removed each time)... Warning: Taking this test may reveal some shocking sides of your inner-self that you may want to keep hidden. But for the rest of the more daring ones, take the test. Some people are bound to call the test biased and limited, but isn't that to be expected when you don't get a test result(s) that you find acceptable? Take care everyone.