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Results are hard to get here.

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How many people here are getting good results? I have gotten 6 replies out of 175 sent in my area. I sent them to profiles with and without a picture. Is that considered a good response? To me it just seems not very good. To send out more I have to go beyond 100 miles and I am in the Atlanta, 30 miles from atlanta. So it seems to me that f I cannot meet someone local on here in a diverse location such as this that it may be complete waste of time. Out of the six I got, one is from out of the state, another is from out of the country but the profile said she was local to me. The other four perhaps just wanted a picture. any input?

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You need to post a picture.  No one will take you seriously if you don't.  Not having a picture implies that you have something to hide (like you are married).

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I have got some messages from some woman. And when I respond, we have a few messages, and suddenly there are no response. And I have not offended any. I feel they at least could tell me that they are not interested in a polite way. And not just quit. 

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I completely agree, it kind of seems like a waste of money.  I may give it one more day, before I pull the plug

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Great observation..I am new here and what you had to say makes sense to me. Thanks if you ae still

This response was to tallguy's comment.

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Can't believe I wasted money for a month's subcription. This is awful! No one is on this site!

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In short there are real men and women on the site, but because it is a dating site that focuses on a specific and relatively small segment of the dating population and does not advertise like more of the well-known web dating web sites there simply is not going to be a lot of activity when searching locally unless someone lives in a major metropolitan area like NYC.




As a result of the inactivity people who find their way to the site, stick their toe in the water, mostly not see much by way of immediate results and move on.




Not unlike life connecting with someone here is all about timing and being willing to be in it for the long haul.




It would however be helpful if the site showed last log in date instead of just saying “more than 1 month ago”


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i Have been on this site for a FEW Weeks now & ive gotten a TOTAL OF 1 MSG! Lol... & the person was NOT Even in this country!! So i guess what i wanna kno is, are there ANY REAL WOMEN ON THIS SITE FROM New York!!?? that actually are ACTIVE!!?? Bcuz if NOT I am goona HAVE TO MOVE ON! Its becoming a REAL Waste of TIME!!!!

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Hi everyone,  hate to use the word hate but hate the fact that some of these sites are just out to take our money, by getting you to join even though most profiles are not live.............just makes them get very rich, me personally I could not scam anyone.


Notice how many sites now up and running that do not let you as a free member see when a person last logged on...coincidence or what??

Also you get fake messages sent from your profile to at times ladies 30 yrs younger than myself and it's not acceptable because it makes an older man look like a pervert.


I am not suggesting this site does send fake message from anyone's profiles but there are many sites that do, I have gone into my sent messages on a few sites and seen that the admin sent messages on my behalf l.o.l.

So once this month has run out I will no longer be on here either.


I have come across a lady who is not only beautiful outside but inside as well but unfortunately the distance is too far, she was being honest and I had to respect that as much as I wanted to get to know her more.

Anyway, best wishes to the genuine people on here in finding that lovely partner.






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This site has been around for a while. The longer the site is in operation, the more the dead profiles pile up. I talked to a few normal people here, but most were fakes,flakes or west african scammers. I stopped being a paid member a long time ago because of the excessive fees. I bought a lifetime subscrition somewhere else for less than a 3 month subscription here. Mostly the same people are on that site that are on this one. And, mostly, their profiles are dead there too.  Haven't got much activity from the scammers on the other site for the past few years. I think even they got tired e-mailing dead profiles.

  I still log in on both sites every once in a while, but I haven't attempted to initiate a conversation for years. Guess I got tired and stopped trying too.

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I'm never too modest for a few shallow winks! 

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Quoting author:

I'm convinced that this dating site is nothing more than a competition to see who can "like" the most pictures. But most of the profile pictures being "liked" haven't logged on in months. You can tell by just looking at the bottom of the profiles. Plus, many of the profiles have very few views from others, this is also a revelatory sign.


Most of the profiles here are fake, inactive, or they live so far away. I have conversed with a few people from here, but they live far away. I got about a couple of weeks left on my subscription, and then I'm out. I'm just basically here trying to get my money's worth, by participating on a few blogs.

Perhaps its one of those sites that have been out advertised, lost their business and now its just us. It may have been pretty good when it first started but look at all the commercials on television today for dating sites. I never saw this one... Perhaps it is because there are not enough interracial people to pay for that type of advertising. Maybe they are hoping it will just grow by word of mouth. Either way, what does it cost to run a web site and how often do people like us make this mistake? I immagine they are attracting just about everyone that dates interracially but they just don't stay around because they have no success.

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Quoting author:




I have a feeling you're right. I've tried to chalk this up to me being out of the game for a while but my gut reaction is that I should've just lurked like everyone else instead of paying for a sub. I know that I definitely need to add more pics to my profile to compete with some of the more prominent ones but still.... this site is kind of a buzz kill to my confidence. 




Ally, It's just my thoughts but I do not think you need to add more photo's to make yourself more prominent. You're ahead of the game because you read and post on the blogs. Your photo's are all very nice. For first looks you have whats needed. If you post too many you start attracting the kind of people that are shallow minded. Unless of course you want to throw up a few bathing suit pictures (wink). I am sure you can bring out the shallow side of us all!



Just my thoughts....


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RedQueen, Yes, these are the results that we are all getting. Unfortunately, its a good idea but just the wrong place. We are already at a disadvantage in our society because we want someone from another race. I don't mean to use disadvantage but from the lack of a better word.. We'll, I am sure you get the idea. I mostly blog here until my paid time is up, then I will be gone. I have found it more intertaining to just use the time blogging. It gives you a chance to show your personality so there is a better chance of someone finding you here.


I am getting ready to start a controversal toppic and see how many people are really active and will get into the discussion. Its important to understand the views of other people when getting to know them. Especially if you are dating outside your race.

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Yes, Lol... I have been away for a few days. Got a wink today and decided to check the profile. But the responses have still been poor. What responses I am getting are coming from south Africa, the Carribbean and other places that I never wrote to.  Even some that say they are here turn out to be in some other country. You get to talking to them and after several emails, they finally let you know... Its just disappointing. I have nothing against women in other countries, but been there, did that. I has never worked out for me and they are too far to say: Hey, lets meet for lunch or something... The likely of it is well.... Need I go any deeper?


Its just not a very good site. Or not what I thought it was going to be. I believe Allycatt982000 is real because she actually replies to these bloggs, takes time to read the post and offer her thoughts. You'd think after 13 years in business and all these members that a lot of people would be here talking. But its not so... I look at some of the posts from the mid 2000's. They have hi numbers of replies, but it took 10 years! After all the emails I sent and got only a few replies, I have determined that 90 percent or more are either not real, or active long ago.

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Quoting author:

Well there are deeper reason and other site seems to be pretty much the same, just in a different way ;)

I agree, a lot of these sites are pretty much the same. You could switch up the names of these sites, but you'll still probably get similar results. I still think this one is the worst. 😃

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I agree with the other posters Europa, hang in there. Out of 90+ views I've only gotten emails from two people that I even bother responding to. It happens..... At least you took the time to send out the emails and winks. Hopefully between the emails and your blogs something with happen for you this month. 



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RightWinger, Lol. well you know, I did not do that out of disparity.. hehehe.. I did it because I really did not want to waste a lot of time waiting on replies, email, by email. And I know that most of the women without photos are real people. Some of them must very attractive.  So it does not bother me if a photo is not present.


Its been a pretty good long time now and I have only gotten one more response. That puts it at 7 I think..

I meet more black women just going to put gas in my car for goodness sake... And whats really good about that... I get to see them right now! And they let me know if they are interested... well, you know... If any of them were interested I would not be here. Lol.


I am satisfied I will not be meeting anyone from this site in person. I just don't thik its possible. Like you, I am just hanging out until the dues are due again. Then my profile will become one more photoless statistic. 


I see there are a few women here, nothing against any of them but most of them are a world away.. Thats a bit too far for me. been there done that with the green card thingy.... Did not work out to well for me. So now, I just want my American gal. Or a woman that is already here but not a thousand miles from me.


Do you think thats asking too much?

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I'm honestly more of a "winker" than I am a "liker" for the reason you just mentioned above. The likes are captured in the newsfeed and on the photo, but not in the message center. So most people have no clue that their pics have been "liked" unless they see it by the methods mentioned above. I would be curious to understand the reporting methodology for the likes. How is the data utilized? Is there some sort of popularity contest trending on the back-end? 


I'm okay with the winks because I think they can get the ball rolling..... if the recipient is interested. 


I agree with some of the likes in the stream. I wonder if these are the same people that pour over Cosmetic surgery sites to drool over the pics. 


I'm trying to limit the negativity, but considering the age of this site, I really expected so much more. There are some definite scammers on here, but I think there are just as many looking for someone/something that just isn't realistic...


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Quoting author:




You're killing me! Thank goodness I work from home otherwise I might've had people looking at me funny from that loud burst of laughter. I hate to say/type it, but you're right. The "likes" do absolutely nothing for me. IMO it's a cop-out. I say this because I'm guilty of it too! It's kind of like an elementary school crush. I'm poking you or pulling on your hair to let you know I like you (in the hopes that you actually have the cajones to respond back and indicate that you're interested in me). You can imagine how successful that is. I've gotten some views over the weekend but nothing substantial. 


Immediate thoughts.... There are some very attractive women on here (various ages, but definitely a lot of youngsters). Some have photos that are so provocative they make me look like I'm in a burqa. Seriously! Some photos are just so beautiful that I want to ask for their photographers' name just for future reference for my passport pic. Then we have the freak factor. They exist on every dating website and come out of the woodwork full-force on interracial dating sites. Can't they take that back to Craigslist? Ick! And of course, my personal favorite (geez I'm really showing my age on this one), ol' boy (ages 40-55) that's looking for women aged 18-25/30. Yeah.... so basically I'm going to finish up my month and then I'm out as well. 



I just don't understand how much good it does to "like" someone's picture, if you can't send that person an actual email to let them know that you're interested in them. While it might feel good to send "winks" or "like" pictures, this won't get you anywhere. Sending actual messages is what can get the ball rolling, and sometimes even that doesn't work.


And many of the pictures that are being "liked" are from profiles that haven't logged onto the site for months. So those people won't even know that their pictures were just "liked." Whenever someone "likes" your pictures, this site doesn't send you an email to let you know that. 


But then there are some members who do log on regularly, whose pictures are also being "liked." But I wonder if they would feel special knowing that their pictures were just "liked" right along with five other people's pictures. I don't think that I would feel all that special if my picture was just "liked" by someone who also "liked" five other guys pictures right in a row.  


I see 50 and 60 year-olds "liking" 20 year-olds pictures; as well as 20 year-olds "liking" 40 and 50 year-olds pictures. I wonder if these people care anything at all about their self-perception and how this makes them look. Some of them act as if they aren't used to seeing women's pictures or something. If some of them can see just half of a woman's face or body in a shadow on a picture, it doesn't matter, because they'll still "like" it too! Hahaha! 😂


This is why I say that I think some people just come on here to drool and "like" pictures, but I don't think that they're really looking to try to make a real connection.


I suspect that some of these pictures of the very beautiful women that look professionally done, may be the fake profiles. You can tell because most of the times they have very little (if anything at all) written about themselves in their bio. But don't get me wrong, there are some nice, decent, and genuine people on here too. But they're few and far in between, and most of the time they live far away. 

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