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What makes a woman sexy?

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Posted on Jul 13, 2014 at 07:30 PM Total posts: 26

What makes a woman sexy?


A woman's sexiness is not a precise formula, but is rather a complex concoction of charm, charisma, confidence, conversation, composure, cleverness, and of course, attractiveness. Sexiness is a woman's ability to continually inspire the sexual curiosity of a man, through her appearance and attitude.


The defining feature of a sexy woman is that she manages to gravitate a man's sexual thoughts continuously and spontaneously in her direction, even when she is absent. She is timeless in the face of other female novelties, and never becomes a fleeting memory. In fact, a man who has experienced her does not satisfy his curiosity. He instead thrives on her energy and desires her more.


A sexy woman is the mystique that mirrors and matches a man's masculinity. To understand what a sexy woman IS, we must first substantiate what a sexy woman is NOT.


*A sexy woman is not always erotic. Turning a man on does not necessarily stimulate his sexual curiosity. Any decent looking woman clad in a short skirt, tight top, with a toned tush and chiselled cleavage can arouse a man. A sexy woman does far more. She manages to weave herself into the inner echelons of the man's mind, making him not simply lust, but also wonder about her. She remains tangled in the web of his thoughts long after his erection has gone soft. She constantly evokes in him the most far-fetched fantasies, even under the most innocent and platonic of circumstances.


*A sexy woman is not necessarily exceptionally beautiful or hot. There is a subtle difference between a sexy woman and a beautiful one. Some women are beautiful "eye candy" but lack a sexually engaging element that continually fuels a man's interest. Some women look less than a perfect ten, yet their composure and cleverness enhances their sex appeal tenfold. And some, the true mistresses of seduction, are both beautiful and sexy.


*A sexy woman is not a product of an aesthetic or cosmetic routine. Sexy woman are comfortable in their skin and that is precisely why they are so confident. True sexiness is only semi based on tangible aesthetics; the rest is an aesthetic display of intangible qualities that challenge a man to recognize the woman's sophistication. A sexy woman does not flaunt herself and scream "look at me"; she rather unravels herself, catching the man's peripheral gaze, until he cannot help but always look at her.


So what does make a woman so irresistibly sexy, that a man is continually attracted to her?


*A sexy woman is instinctually smart. A sexy woman is intellectually a step ahead of her man in the imagination and creativity of the rapport, or at the very least, at his level. She cleverly fathoms ideas, constantly surprises, and entertains. She takes risks in romance, reads between the lines, and tweaks circumstances in her favor. She is an excellent conversationalist, knows how to steer attention towards herself, through her words, actions and suggestions, without suffocating her man.


*A sexy woman is a talented, sensual siren. She hones her gifts and presents them to the man through the five senses: sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. She ignites the hormonal and chemical combustion of both his animalistic drives and rational thinking patterns, until he naturally associates random sensory stimulation with cravings for her.


*A sexy woman is a shape-shifter. A sexy woman is not afraid to be a woman and exhibit traditional roles with her man. She is also not shy about being strong and dominant when necessary. She responds to her man by assuming different roles, under different circumstances. During sex, she is neither adverse to subordinating herself and submissively yielding to her partner's desires, nor is she afraid to demand or extort pleasure from him when it suits her.


*A sexy woman is an honest one who makes her own rules, communicates them, and lives by them. As versatile and accommodating as she is, she is not a doormat to be stomped upon. She has clear standards and sticks to them, and will not allow her integrity to be violated by any man. She stands up for herself when necessary, and does not allow herself to be guided by a man's principles without careful, personal scrutinization first.


*A sexy woman is playfully spontaneous, yet satisfying. She is open-minded. She makes and responds to new suggestions, always initiating a carefree, gentle tease. She is nevertheless completely attainable, and always delivers what she promises. A sexy woman enjoys finishing a game as much as she enjoyed started it, but she is endowed with such creative and physical energy that she can play the game forever, if the man wishes. She is not a creature of habit, but of habitual transition. She knows that when she monotonously and constantly caves into granting every last of a man's whimsical desires, she ceases to be challenging or sexy.


*A sexy woman is respectable. She is intelligent and elegant, tasteful and graceful. She is neither angelic or innocent, nor is she sleazy or superficial. Her strong sexual nature does not scandalize or pervert her poised qualities, but rather makes her charming and captivating. She is in complete control of her sexual desires, and decides when to manifest them, and with whom.


*A sexy woman truly makes a man weak. A very sexy woman is a man's kryptonite, the only universal force capable of controlling his reproductive anatomy, contaminating his mind, and morally tempting him into sinful situations beyond demonic devices, all at the same time.


But the true symbol of a sexy woman is that she is never destructive, and always leaves a man better off than before she met him.





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