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Reasons why long distance relationships do not work

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Posted on Jul 02, 2014 at 03:30 PM Total posts: 26

10 Reasons Why Long-distance Relationships Just Don't Work


Beyond the first few months of giddy affection and the feeling of butterflies, few -- if any -- romantic relationships are easy. Sure, some look that way, but usually that's because two people are putting in a lot of work behind the scenes.

Long-distance relationships are even more difficult to maintain, and the reasons why they can fail are numerous. Many long-distance relationships certainly succeed, but they require careful navigation from the people involved to steer through the obstacles brought on by geography.

Of course, with the right mindset, plenty of emotional preparation and lots of work throughout, long-distance relationships can and do work out. But many potential pitfalls await every hopeful attempt at cross-country love.

What are 10 reasons long-distance relationships just don't work? Here's a clue: Romances rarely come to a boil when conducted by fax.


Couples in long-distance relationships have to make up for a serious lack of face time. In this modern age, there are plenty of alternatives: phone calls, text messages, instant messaging and pretty much any other communication technology developed since the carrier pigeon. However, much of our hasty electronic communications are hammered out in shorthand, and this can easily become the native language of long-distance relationships.

The flip-side of this is that these forms of communication often don't pay off with a truly fulfilling interaction. Whereas it was once easy to chat in person, now those normal, daily interactions are severely curtailed. It requires real effort to keep in touch and feel connected.

If the relationship began long distance, it might be easier to communicate from afar because that dynamic is the only one that's existed. If both parties are used to being in one another's presence, it might become increasingly disheartening to communicate in less personal ways as time goes on.

A relationship can morph into a voice-and-text situation that assumes its own shape, making it somewhat strange when a couple actually spends time together in person after a long absence.

There is one type of person who does well with long-distance communication: the man or woman who truly values his or her own space (and a lot of it), but also wants to nurture a connection with a loved one.

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Posted on Jul 09, 2018 at 08:50 PM Total posts: 2

I think long distance only work's if one or the other plan's on relocating and making the distance go away, but I also agree even with all new creative ways you can communicate today it can be a challenge,  so let me just say this if we pass on a lot of potential life partners because of the distance just think about the one time you take that chance who knows might just  be the one. Think about it 

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Posted on Nov 12, 2016 at 02:32 PM Total posts: 7

YES LONG DISTANCE IS DIFFICULT.............Texting, Talking on the Phone is ok........but NOTHING BEATS FACE TO FACE be able to touch the person.........smell the person.........taste the person.........hold the person........caress the person..........Ahhhhh you just cant do that on Twitter, Skype and whatever else is out there to makeup for lack of face to face time.

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Posted on Jul 27, 2015 at 06:20 AM Total posts: 1

I have only now I'm hoping its not true BUT i agree with what you are saying. Its mainly the amount of work you put in will bring the desired results!!