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Let's just re-evaluate ourselves right now

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Posted on Jan 15, 2016 at 03:12 PM Total posts: 1

OKAY!! First blog people bear with me! Anyways lets talk about life. I personally think it's one of the most interesting topics out there. Why? Because there are so many things going on in life. So much to talk about. I personally love to talk about how people handle their life situations.  Everyone has an annoying trait, even I do. However, there are certain things that are changable if they're  negatively affecting the people around them.  I'm not saying you change for anyone, NO. Because there's constructive critism and there's pointless irrelevant critism done by mostly haters. But if it comes to a point where it seems like too many different people, even the ones that care for you, really have a problem with you then of course you have to start questioning your actions. And yeah you can go along with the whole "idc what people say or think of me" but again with the two types of critisms, you've always got take the constructive one into consideration  because sometimes, that kinda ideology leaves you as one man standing. In a world Where only you exist. And you forget there are others walking on the land your walking on, touching the things your touching. So no matter what, you have to care to a certain extent because you can't go about living your life causing destruction because you don't care, and expect to get further in life because you need certain people on your side believe it or not. If that was the case then God should have only made one man live a life at a time on earth but He didn't. He's let us grow into this massive population where we can only move up if we are aware everyone else just as much as we are aware of ourselves. We can never be 100% right. we have to find ways to equalise things and if that means watching your own actions as much as you watch others then so be it. The problem with a lot of people is, they forget about the complexity of life. Sure the simplicity of it is great. It's the easiest route, but only in the short term. Society Is like a clock or a watch , it looks simple on the outside and it's very easy to use. It literally looks so basic on the outside but open it up and you wouldn't be able to tell shit because of how complex it is. People love the simple things but they forget it's the complex things that make the simple things. A less complicated a example, we all have hair, well almost all of us😄, and it can be a struggle sometimes so we decide to do whatever we can to make managing it simpler. Tie it up in a top knot trim it. But if we didn't have hair at all, we would have hair to tie into a top knot(which looks pretty cute With the appropriate outfit) we would have hair to cut. And we do this for a reason because of course we still want our hair, ain't no body trying to be bold out here. But how many strands of hair do we have? Uncountable! Does that seem simple to you? We shed a lot of hair every day but we still have a shit ton left. And these strands are all lined and secured onto our sculpts. I'm sorry but I don't see anything simple about this.if you view life to be so simple and suck a breeze when time comes and life doesn't want to be nice to you anymore you won't know what to do because the shit it will come at you with will be too complex for your brain to understand in order for you to survive. I'm not saying anyone should be worried all the time Andover in misery of course not, no one wants that. I'm saying look at the simple things and enjoy them because they are beautiful but keep it in the back of your mind that there complicated things going on behind the set.  Because like I said it's about being in the middle. Bringing it all into balance because the world is full of opposites for a reason and I feel like God made it this way so he can test is to see how we can handle the chaos forces going in two different directions. And how to use that diversity to our advantage you know? "Expect the unexpected" a lot of people don't get that phrase, they're always like "but then the unexpected becomes expected!" Well duh that's the point, we never know what exactly to expect and that's what's unexpected(the specifics) but if you expect something when it comes the blow isn't as hard. Your brain is allowing itself to know that anything can happen because there will always be an unknown threat lurking somewhere. Basically what I'm trying is we shouldn't underestimate things as much as we shouldn't overestimate things. It's good to have a bit of both and remember that where there is good there is bad just like how there's day and night(pretty inevitable). A lot of people go by the saying "YOLO!" And yeah we only live once I mean , who said we live twice? But people perceive it so recklessly that they forget to ask themselves "but HOW LONG do we live for?" Because that's what really isn't obvious. ok wow that's pretty long but what the fuck ever it's a blog who ever reads it will read it😂, but I seriously think we need to start re-evaluating how we all live and criticise ourselves only for the better . People love to give critism but never want to take it.

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Posted on Jan 27, 2016 at 08:32 PM Total posts: 1

would love to know what u think but i cant read your theory. please space it out more and divide. it carries like a run on sentence or statement