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Stressed due to the personal information I just uploaded Posted on May 24, 2015 at 11:02 AM

I really wish there was some other way to verify age, name, photo, income, occupation ... not sure if other sites 

really charge $100.00 like says, but I don't like giving ANY information to and nameless/faceless entity.  


I did it to be as upfront and honest as possible.  I also realize that there will be men disguised as women, and women who will seek to exploit my hard work and life investment for quick financial gain.  


To these people I say this:  I don't care what photo you use, or promises of sex acts, I will not send one penny your way.  I will not buy plane tickets, or help bail family members out of jail.  I will not give you ANY useable personal information until we meet and are dating, and even then you will never get 100% until you say, 'I do'!  


I was there working at Silicon Graphics in the early 90's in Mountain View Ca when movies like Jurrasic Park were making SGI ( Silicon Graphics ) a house hold name.  I remember when there was no public internet and I was sittting at my desk working on some new software product called, 'Netscape'.  Back then, the internet was safe; as no one knew how to exploit it and turn it evil.  


I say these things because I am on to a lot of cons.   I don't use my personal e-mail to correspond, but a dummy account just to communicate with strangers.  I am not sending you money, checks, real D.O.B., or my real birth place or anything that can be used by someone to take from me what I have worked so hard to acheive.  


So if you are one of these types. move along.  No I will not text you.  No I will not respond to naked pictures or promisses  of sex acts ... sorry.  This black dude you are targeting is a little bit different than most of the marks you have played in the past ... no really.  


And for you real women who are looking for a MAN who knows what the hell is going on, and can provide and defend you, then I'm your man!  And if you are a woman who thinks what I have just said in that last line is corny and old fashion, you keep moving right along also... 

First day as a full member Posted on May 23, 2015 at 10:06 AM

I feel better about this site over other sites I have tried.  


I think the match will be to my personal liking as opposed to scatter shot or just throw a bunch of profiles against the wall and see who sticks.  


I was married for 18 years to a white woman, and now divorced.  We are still friends, but I really think our age differnce and her horse back accident took a toll on our marriage towards the end.  She is 17 years older than I.  I met her when I was 30, she 47.  She is Sicilian, and SMART ... we hit it off immediately!  But as time went on, her prior broken back injury from a pervious marriage, and pain, just slowed down the intimacy ... I still do love her; she lives in Northern CA, I in Arizona.  


I have dated all races: White, Black, Asian, Latina ... some good times some bad.  Please don't think I am a self hater, because if I was, i would be running the streets destroying both myself and my culture/ethnicity ... I AM NOT!  I just prefere white women; I feel comfortable and in sync with them. 


Well its a Saturday morning, I have to vacuum, clean the kitchen, and start laundry.  I live alone (sad) in a house in Wittmann AZ, right next to Surprise.  I love it out here among the horse ranches and desert.  When the sun goes down, the heavens appear and it is beautiful ... the only thing more beautiful than woman, is the universe above.  Its dark and quiet.  No urban pollution and the sounds of coyotes yalping in the distance... maybe I can find that woman who appreciates low stress and quality living?  


Well lets see where this leads me.  My first wife and I met on a BBS dating site, so maybe my next wife will come from here.  And I do mean wife ... not looking for 'hoolups' ... nope ... its going to be an investment .. you are fore warned!  :)