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Hey ROXY1965 16 05/16
Ioshkar ola cuoregrande 76 05/16
You're My Friend........... kashmirkat 180 05/16
Where has time gone? roderick2000 55 05/16
Why? JonnylovesSka 171 05/16
Special day for special people! roderick2000 49 05/14
Relationship or Citizenship? sarah1 255 05/14
Where are the fine White and Hispanic Women ... mongo 137 05/14
Hollywood's Version of a Beautiful Black Woma ... thewomandriven 1,625 05/14
Men In Massachusetts honeybeige 143 05/14
my music station sasi911 2 05/13
IR Double Standards of Some Black Men and White ... Spicysweet101 1,628 05/13
TO ALL THE MAMA'S kashmirkat 331 05/12
Hi Just Looking For Someone Real Spicysweet101 104 05/12
marriage corup 33 05/12
Whats a good man ? mssugarluv43 315 05/11
To Fur or Not to Fur kashmirkat 125 05/11
Women beware marytin 143 05/11
what makes us curious about meeting people ... kapone619 802 05/10
DIVA-ism..when will it end? spicyhotchef2003 76 05/10
NO SPEAKA DE ENGLISH bbqchickenrobot 93 05/09
Ladies and gentleman. How different R we? roderick2000 68 05/09
DC SBPM Nice Guy 4 SWPF mrozone 40 05/07
Hilary or Barrack or Mcain solong 1,073 05/07
what do you want? roderick2000 112 05/06
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