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Candles and Gardens ex... 126 02/22
Georgette Bush ex... 63 02/19
Lala Land wiseflower... 75 02/15
Valentines ex... 121 02/14
Adieu, Adieu wiseflower... 157 01/28
ESTI -JUDGMENTAL PEOPLE wiseflower... 43 01/25
Cheapos!! wiseflower... 104 01/20
Another "naughty" subject!! wiseflower... 319 01/14
"Booty call" wiseflower... 400 01/06
Go Global wiseflower... 83 01/06
Jungle Fever wiseflower... 357 01/04
how to dress for blk men sexyceles... 764 01/01
Online Dating wiseflower... 129 01/01
30 and beyond wiseflower... 75 01/01
GROAN ...THE HANG OVER wiseflower... 41 12/30
A Merry Xmas -Wise style wiseflower... 24 12/24
DON'T KILL THE MESSENGER!! wiseflower... 134 12/21
OH NO SHE DIDN'T!!! wiseflower... 127 12/20
People can change wiseflower... 61 12/20
As Salt n Pepper, hit song"LETS TALK ABOUT ... wiseflower... 287 12/18
The madness is all over!! wiseflower... 73 12/14
What's your fantasy? Ebony120... 106 12/13
GHETTO!!! wiseflower... 192 12/12
MALE FRIENDSHIP...IS ITPOSSIBLE!!! wiseflower... 187 12/11
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Results are hard to get here.
Are Shirtless Pictures Low Class?
Nice Guys Finish Last
Suggestions for this SITE
Feedback and Experience on Age, Distance, and Success
Warning to all men
What attracts white women to black men and vice versa?
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Feedback and Experience on Age, Distance, and Success
Results are hard to get here.
Are Shirtless Pictures Low Class?
Warning to all men
Suggestions for this SITE
Nice Guys Finish Last
A Controversial Topic ~ Confederate Battle Flag